winter weather?

It’s January? In the middle of winter? And 60 degrees outside? No complaints from me! I happily put my winter coat back into the closet and headed outside. It was nice to mix up my wardrobe and shed some layers…. mostly because we are running out of clean clothes in our household. Our dryer crashed right before Christmas. We haven’t been very creative in finding ways to dry our clothes. We threw them over every empty surface in our house…. or just didn’t clean it at all! We finally bit the bullet and got a whole new set! I’ve never been more excited to do laundry! (Although, I’m sure this feeling will fade quickly after a few loads) Check out these old and ugly things…

IMG_5409So grateful to have shiny and new appliances in their place. We must be getting old when this is a major highlight in our lives. I promise we did other exciting things this weekend. Date night with the husband is takes the cake!

Although the weather man got the sunshine wrong, I am glad that an old friend from high school was able to take advantage of the warm temps. He is a rising real estate agent in Arlington, VA. Here is a sneak peak of our foggy Saturday morning session:


I didn’t get a tan this weekend but I still had a blast. Time to bundle back up (in clean clothes) and tackle the week ahead!

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