is it okay to dream?

When this adventure began in November, I had TONS of doubts! Do I have enough time to commit to photography? Am I good enough for this? Will people take me seriously? Do I even deserve to have such big expectations? Who am I to want this? Am I being realistic? Is it okay to dream? Some of these thoughts still loom in my head but I am quickly learning that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to! All because of the people surrounding me!

The initial push to take this plunge came from an unexpected source, an old grade school friend! I asked around for opinions on what to buy for my first DSLR camera and Becca opened up her photography world to me! She has encouraged me from day one and has never left my side… well, we live in different cities but you get the idea. She never ceases to amaze me or teach me new things. I look forward to chatting with her every day as I soak up every single word. I am SO glad that we reconnected over a common passion! She is a great mentor, mom and wife! I value our friendship more than she’ll ever know!

Meet Becca DuVal and see how talented she truly is! I guarantee that she will amaze you

I am also incredibly grateful for my family and friends who have been support systems (and models) as I begin this journey! I thrive off of your motivation and encouragement. The quick Facebook comments and text messages you send really go a long way! You push me to succeed and follow my heart! I am constantly surprised by the amount of love you provide!

Lastly, I couldn’t do any of this without my husband. He pushes me to put my neck out and grow this dream of mine! He is just as excited and anxious as I am to see what the future holds. I love when he sends me an e-mail during the day about a blog post idea or an upcoming event to shoot… just because he was thinking about the business. He is just as equally invested in this dream as I am. He not only supports my crazy decisions but he puts up with the behind-the-scenes nonsense. This guy deserves a gold medal for dealing with a cranky wife, late night editing, and hours away shooting!

I now OWE it to these people and myself to chase this dream! It would be wrong to give anything but 100%! I know the warm weather will bring tons of amazing couples, families and kids into my life. I am excited to capture their story and share it with you! Time to make these dreams a reality!


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2 Responses to is it okay to dream?

  1. Becca DuVal says:

    I am so honored to be part of your journey! Your drive and talent are undeniable. Chase that dream, girl!

  2. Mallory McKinnon says:

    I LOVE THIS! Keep on dreaming!!

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