January, where did you go?! 2013 is really flying by fast but I know that this month is going to be amazing! There is already TONS to look forward to: Valentine’s day, a maternity session, a baby shower and a lot of business planning. It might be freezing outside but things are really starting to heat up here…


as you sit there in anticipation, here are some hodge-podge thoughts of the week:

  • Being an aunt is going to be AMAZING! I seriously can’t wait to spoil my nephew! I love him so much already, it’s incredible! I really hit the family jackpot when I got married. Going from an only child to having a brother + a sister = priceless!
  • My favorite Super Bowl recap from Sunday – “If you like it than you should’ve put a back-up generator on it”
  • Can’t believe that this week 7 years ago I was getting a sorority bid, time sure flies by! I am so lucky to have these fabulous ladies in my life!
  • Today is World Nutella Day… seriously, they have a website and everything! http://www.nutelladay.com/ You are welcome for giving you an excuse to indulge!

Finally, some instagram pictures from our first winter wonderland in our NEW home! I still can’t believe that we own a house and we are married! It’s really crazy to think about how far we have come and how much we have accomplished! Today is one of those days were I am just SO grateful!



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