the duval’s: family

Before driving home from Richmond this weekend, I had to meet up with the DuVal family. You have heard me talking about my grade school friend Becca before. She is the sweetheart that got me to pick up my camera. Since I was in her neck of the woods, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to catch up. She brought her precious family along to enjoy the warm weather. I immediately fell in love with her 18-month old daughter, Kaelyn… her husband Daniel isn’t half bad either. They are the most genuine and cheerful family I’ve ever met.

It was a treat to spend the afternoon with them. The DuVal’s are due with a little boy in April. The timing with my future nephew is so perfect, I can’t handle it! There will be so much cuteness coming to their zip code soon. And Becca… WOW! No one can deny how amazing pregnancy looks on her. She is gorgeous! I loved soaking up some sun with them at Maymont Park. Check out some of our adventure!

Becca wore the perfect spring outfit!
They are such a picture perfect family! Love it!
2013-02-25_0010.jpgMiss Kaelyn’s shirt was completely handmade by her super mom!2013-02-25_0011.jpg

Who do you think modeled better? Mother or daughter?
Well folks, it looks like that’s a wrap! (yawn)
2013-02-25_0003.jpgLooking for a Richmond, VA photographer? Becca DuVal is the answer!

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One Response to the duval’s: family

  1. Lindsey says:

    Love these! You are on a roll!

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