photographer q&a session recap

I had the pleasure of meeting 12 other local photographers last Friday night. Wow! What an amazing experience! The Q&A workshop was held by two leading wedding photographers in the area, Rebekah Hoyt and Abby Springmann. It was truly amazing to see these women share their struggles as well as their hopes and dreams. Abby opened up her home to us for an opportunity to spread some love around. It gave me faith and confidence to keep pursuing this dream of mine. I learned all about legal contracts, second shooting, wedding day etiquette and so so so so much more! I filled up two pages of solid notes within two hours! The evening flew by so fast. I loved every second of the knowledge they poured into us. I appreciated their honesty more than anything. Abby’s story really resonated with me since she began her business while maintaining a full time job. It was great to hear  her advice on time management and how to prioritize family time above all else. 

Most of all, I had a blast! The room was electric and full of positive energy! Every photographer was eager to learn, share and form a community. It was incredibly encouraging for me! The return has already been ten fold! I have met some extremely talented and supportive photographers to have by my side for this journey. I can’t wait to follow their success and continue to share the love that was given to us. What a blessing for my life and business! 

 Thank you Abby and Rebekah for being such great teachers and people! 

tyler corvin

I was even able to reconnect with an old college friend who has a striving business in Charlottesville, Tyler Corvin. I am very excited to grow my photography network!

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3 Responses to photographer q&a session recap

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth! Abby’s stories about starting out while working full time and balancing life were so relateable for me as well! One day THIS will be our full time job…We’ll get there! 🙂

  2. Abby Grace says:

    I am SO so happy to hear that you felt like you learned something! It was such a joy to have you all over to share what we’ve learned, and I cannot wait to watch you grow, girl! And Stephanie’s right- you WILL get there. 🙂

  3. Uncle chris says:

    Right on Megan!
    Love uncle Chris

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