the day i met my prince charming

Four years ago, I was a college senior getting ready for the Virginia Tech spring game. It is an annual tradition to tailgate and enjoy the spring weather while anxiously awaiting the fall football season. The small town of Blacksburg, VA was flooded with fans! There were also several alumni events held that weekend. I ran into old friends that had graduated and met several new ones…. including Chris! He was in a torn t-shirt and jeans ( while it was 90 degrees outside) and didn’t shower that entire weekend…. But man, something clicked!

Snapshots from the weekend from my roommate, Allisons’ camera

college college2

He returned back to DC that Sunday to the “real world”. We exchanged contacts and began talking on the phone daily from across the state. He came back for my college graduation a few weeks later. I thought he would run for the hills at this point…  instead he met my parents, went to the diploma ceremony and stood by my side the entire way. I am glad he hasn’t left since then! I am the luckiest girl!

Our first picture taken together a month after we met by my roommate, Mary!

first picture

Time has sure flown by, but I wouldn’t change a single second! Since that sunny day in Blacksburg, we have fallen in love and begun our lives together! We purchased a home and got married! We started our little family together with the cutest puppy, Laney! She is named after our alma mater’s football stadium… so we can always remember how we met!

            I LOVE these two!


And last but not least, our favorite photo from our wedding day by the INCREDIBLE Kristen Gardner!


Thank you Chris for the ride…. It’s only just begun! I am honored to be your wife and sidekick in life!

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3 Responses to the day i met my prince charming

  1. cbatey08 says:

    So fun to be able to read this!!! 🙂

  2. Kristin B says:

    This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Allison says:

    honored to be featured in your blog, roomie!!! 🙂

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