a new way to share images: PASS

I am super duper excited to offer a brand new way to share and experience your photos! PASS is an amazing new software that allows you to insantly… yes INSTANTLY see your photos and share them online! No more waiting for your CDs to arrive in the mail!



They come to you in a gorgeous pinterest-inspired format at the tips of your fingers. Your images are stored safely in the cloud. You can download any and all of your images directly to your computer, phone or iPad. Its also super easy to share your pictures with friends and family. PASS has built in functionality to email, download or even upload your images directly to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! It’s all a simple click of a button!

I’m officially obsessed with using PASS to deliver images to my clients! Here is a quick very of how amazing these images look in PASS!

The on-line gallery makes the images look so chic! You can even “star” your favorite images!




I love that they offer a phone app (which is totally FREE)! You can take your photos with you anywhere!

photo (2)

photo (1)


Clients, get excited… because I am!

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