a few of my favorite things


1. Jack Rogers – I’ll be honest, I throw these shoes on in the summer almost every day. I love the dressy and casual feel it can add to any outfit. A total staple!
2. Hydrangea Flowers – This bloom always makes me smile. It takes me back to our wedding day!
3. Cinnamon Dolce Latte – My ultimate weakness and obsession! I guess I’m also a sucker for chocolate, wine, and popcorn… this drink doesn’t make me feel so guilty though!
4. Pinkberry – It’s summertime and I am no stranger to frozen yogurt (aka froyo). My go-to flavor is hazelnut with raspberries on top. It reminds me of nutella. Yogurt is healthy so it’s okay, right?
5. Kelly Moore Bag – I LOVE this bag! Not only it is super cute but it’s actually functional and made for my camera gear! It is fully padded with a million pockets.
6. J. Crew Cardigans – Every lady needs at least one of these… in every color!

Plus a sneak peak from another Stephanie Messick Photography couple! This is my new favorite wedding and I absolutely can’t wait to share all the eye candy with you on Monday…. prepare for a VERY long post!


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3 Responses to a few of my favorite things

  1. Tyler Corvin says:

    Nice photo! Great job! I love every bit of the image; lighting; everything!

  2. Abby says:

    Um, holy cow, Megan. That shot is stunning!!

  3. Sarah Adams says:

    a few of my fave things too. no wonder we are twins! 😉

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