back to reality

Monday is always bittersweet! Today is especially hard coming back to reality after a week on Hilton Head Island! We had a blast soaking up the sun and sand. This place is becoming a family tradition and I love it! The southern hospitality and pace of life is mixed with great food and fun times… what isn’t there to love? The boys enjoyed their golf while the ladies got tans on the beach! We rode our bikes to a coffee shop in the mornings and ate way too much food every night! It was a perfect week! Let’s hope my tan lasts longer than my trip!

As usual, here are some tid bits from our week at the beach:

-Gators! I saw tons of them near the golf courses but was too chicken to take picture! I saw Happy Gilmore and didn’t like my odds!

-Palm trees + Spanish moss = A photographer’s dream in South Carolina! I really want to capture a couple in this setting! Please take me back to paradise!

-I didn’t get a single bug bite! My mom always said I would get eaten alive because I was SO sweet…. I must be getting cranky in my old age?

-Bookworm status! My favorite part of beach vacations is reading! I was able to knock out two books in five days. Boy did that make me happy!

-Instagram was filled with pictures of the obligatory fireworks in the air and feet in the sand pictures…. I should get a medal for resisting these standard shots!

-My parents (and roommates this past week) are incredibily generous! I am very lucky that they included Chris and I on their getaway. We can’t say THANK YOU enough! We cherish these trips together and look forward to them year after year!


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2 Responses to back to reality

  1. Mary says:

    Sooo fun!!! It is hard to come back after time away…we feel your pain!! Love these pics!!! xo

  2. Tyler says:

    My parents were there last week as well! I go down there a bit to golf every now and then… love HHI!

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