Tomorrow is the day! 26 years! I can already vote, drink, and rent a car… now what?The quarter life crisis is over! I have reached the end of major milestones where your birthday has significant benefits! So I naturally googled the number 26 (that’s typically my answer for everything) and Wikipedia gave me this:

  • 26 is the number of bones in the normal human foot and ankle
  • It is the total number of cases on Deal or No Deal (I mean, did anyone even watch this show?)
  • The Greek Strongs number G26 is “Agape” which means “Love
  • The age at which males can no longer be drafted in the United States is 26…. oh wait, I am female!
  • No team in the NBA or NFL has retired the number
  • It is the atomic number for iron
  • Nerd alert……. In Microsoft Windows list of Alt Codes, the combination Alt+26 yields the “right arrow” symbol →
  • In a normal deck of cards, there are 26 red cards and 26 black cards
  • A rhombicuboctahedron has twenty-six sides… duh! That one is SUPER obvious?

cupcake-birthday-cake-1 Last year is going to be tough to beat!  I married my best friend and bought our first home! This year will be filled with more family and friends! I know 26 has BIG things in store for me! Woohoo! Bring on the celebration!

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One Response to 26

  1. Chris Golson says:

    Happy birthday niece, from your uncle out West!

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