trading places

Everything comes full circle! A year ago, I never would have imagined the amount of support and love this little business would receive. I was hopeful about the future by had not yet begun to dream BIG! My only connections in the wedding industry were my very own vendors….. boy have the tables turned since then! This past weekend I assisted photographing a beautiful wedding with Lauren Gay. I first met this sweet lady when she walked into the bridal suite on my wedding day. She was assisting Kristen Gardner on my big day. I can’t believe how quickly we traded places! Who would have guessed that I would be in her shoes a year later? Definitely not me! Second shooting for my own second shooter!

As time passes, I am constantly surprised what doors open and opportunities present themselves. This past weekend was a sign that growth is possible! I value every relationship I have within the industry. I am also lucky to call these colleagues friends. Together, we support and inspire each other. I feel so blessed to have them believe in me! It was truly an honor to work with Lauren! She is such a positive, encouraging and kind person. In November, the tables will turn once again as she walks down the aisle and gets married.

The full circle of my journey is almost complete! New headshots will be shared on Friday…. The BIG launch is right around the corner!

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