Meet Megan

My name is Megan Chase and I love photography, starbucks and my HUSBAND Chris! (but not in that order!) We got married on the first day of fall in 2012. It is my absolute favorite season! I love how the colors surprise you every year, it’s magical!

We live in Fairfax, VA with our puggle-cattle dog mix, Laney. We are those dog people who treat our pooch like our child. She is named after our alma mater’s football stadium…. so we are kind of big Virginia Tech fans! Go Hokies!!!

I love all things J. Crew and could live in cardigan sweaters and boots/flats. I would die if my favorite store developed a home line. I would be flat broke but it is worth it right?! Until then, I will live in Tar-get (accent)!

Do you like spinach and artichoke dip? Because I order it at almost every restaurant. I have a general appetizer obsession, including sushi! Well, I guess I love all food…. and wine!

My purse is more like a suitcase. My husband could use it to workout. Remember that scene from Harry Potter, I probably have a change of clothes and stack of books in there too (I don’t even know)!

If you couldn’t tell, I love exclamation points! Sorry if you think I’m screaming… I’m just always really excited! YAY!!!!

I live for the classic, cozy and natural moments in life. The instant when I capture a pure laugh or contagious smile, it makes this all worth while!

IMG_2483(Photo courtesy of Becca DuVal Photography)